Integrated Field Development

Early engagement
to enable, accelerate
and enhance subsea production.

Integrated Field Development

The Integrated Field Development (IFD) service maximises asset value by dynamically connecting reservoir, production and economic models with well, subsea infrastructure and topside facilities in a single, collaborative environment.

This connected approach allows us to help develop the asset based on reservoir and hardware considerations for the life of the field.Taking a full system view enables Subsea Integration Alliance to drive out cost and balance investment against recovery to identify the precise point where dollar per barrel is minimised.

Combining our unique digital field development solutions with decades of project and product experience allows us to, in a short time, identify the best solution, develop the solution faster and with greater reliability, i.e. uncovering the true value of the asset:Integrated asset modelling connects reservoir and production system decisions

  • Subsea Planner* collaborative field development planning solution creates costed 3D layout designs, with dynamic reservoir and production models that change as the field matures

  • Project definition and execution system to quickly build a clear picture of exactly what is needed for the study project, how to manage it as well as the cost and time required

Subsea Integration Alliance tools and methodologies allow us to combine various disciplines and the full range of subsea technologies in one collaborative platform – seamlessly unifying planning and execution.

* Mark of Schlumberger

Choose from tailored engagement models

  • Scaling the effort to the opportunity is critical to ensuring cost, resource, and time effectiveness. Different stages and different parts of a development project require unique approaches.
  • The flexible phased approach of the IFD service helps to develop the best plan for the asset financially, technically, practically and logistically