Smart Subsea Solutions

Uncover the
true value

At Subsea Integration Alliance we believe in the value to be made from bringing everything together. Through a process of collaborative engagement our teams work together digitally across their specialist areas, whilst Subsea Integration Alliance customers still benefit from a single point of contact, and an early engagement framework tailored to their individual requirements. We retain a partner-focused mindset throughout our work using our value delivery framework.

Value delivery framework

The value delivery framework reflects the key real-world drivers of our customers. The approach of Subsea Integration Alliance considers every aspect of it when developing solutions - keeping an open mind and a balanced view to unlock as much value as possible from each project.


Taking a system-wide view on the combined costs of SPS and SURF, well construction, topsides, process and hosts-standardising interfaces and identifying the most capital-efficient options.


Understanding the ongoing costs of subsea operations including manpower, logistics, chemical and power consumption, and factoring in less visible expenses such as inspection, intervention, maintenance and repairs.


Identifying the financial impact of any taxes resulting from projected CO2 emissions, with the option to build in technologies to control or actively reduce the carbon footprint of operations.

Uptime & Reliabilty

Exploring ways to maximise the availability of subsea and topside facilities, as well as opportunities to reduce the incidence of shutdowns and lessen the impact of start-ups.

Incremental Recovery

Engaging subsurface expertise to connect subsea systems with asset recovery to help avoid under-recovered reserves and optimise the value of additional hydrocarbons produced.

Accelerated Recovery

By quickly defining the best solution, and developing it faster, Subsea Integration Alliance shortens the time to first oil, resulting in shorter payback time.

Unlock the true value

Early collaborative engagement utilising our subsea value framework enhances investment returns across subsea projects.