Success stories

Efficiency records
in the Gulf of Mexico

Dalmatian Field  |  Murphy
Murphy sets length and efficiency records with integrated EPCIC solution.

  • Water depth range
    5,900 ft [1,800 m]
  • Project type
    Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) with long-distance subsea tieback
  • Awarded: 2016
  • Startup: 2018

Longest deepwater multiphase boosting tieback and shortest implementation time achieved with Subsea Integration Alliance.

As a result of the integrated engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning (EPCIC) solution delivered by Subsea Integration Alliance, Murphy set records for the longest deepwater subsea multiphase boosting tieback (22 miles) and for the shortest subsea boosting implementation from concept to start-up.

Murphy sought an integrated approach while developing the Dalmatian field in deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Early technical engagement by Subsea Integration Alliance during field development planning resulted in viable project economics. Combining project execution, engineering, HSE, and quality philosophies helped enhance efficiencies resulting in a successful revitalization of the existing brownfield asset.

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