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FEED begins for Morocco Phase 1

Anchois Gas Development | Chariot Transitional Energy
The subsea-to-shore project could contribute
to the North African nation’s growing economy

  • Location
    Atlantic Ocean, 40 km [24.9 mi] off Moroccan coast
  • Water depth range
    Approximately 400 m [1,312 ft] 
  • Project type
    Subsea-to-shore gas development
  • First awarded
    Collaboration agreement, 2021 
  • Status
    In progress 

Project Summary

In February 2021, Chariot Transitional Energy and Subsea Integration Alliance signed a collaboration agreement to begin work on the Anchois gas development project, which is within the Lixus Licence, 40 km [24.9 mi] off the coast of Morocco. A one-team integrated, collaborative approach was adopted to accelerate first gas to maximise Chariot’s return on investment, and the project has the potential to contribute to Morocco’s growing economy, which currently relies heavily on energy imports and coal.  

Following this initial work, Chariot announced in June 2022 that it had awarded SLB and Subsea7, working together as Subsea Integration Alliance, a front-end engineering and design (FEED) contract for the Phase 1 development. The integrated project scope includes subsea production systems (SPS) and subsea umbilicals, risers, and flowlines (SURF), which will be delivered by Subsea Integration Alliance, and the construction, operation, and maintenance of a central production facility (CPF), which will be delivered by SLB.

First gas is scheduled for late 2024 or early 2025. Keep up with how the Anchois gas development project is progressing by periodically checking the timeline below, which will be updated as the project reaches its milestones.



Q1 2021

Collaboration agreement signed

In February 2021, the alliance entered into a collaboration agreement with Chariot Transitional Energy to begin work to enable the front-end design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and operation of the Anchois project. During this initial period, a number of studies were conducted to firm up technical decisions and budgets. Using a one-team approach, Chariot and the alliance matured the development concept and explored the commercialisation routes together. A lean development concept was selected to minimise capital intensity, but flexibility has been built in so that the system can be expanded after the project starts to generate cash flow. 

Q2 2022

FEED awarded

During the FEED study, Chariot and the alliance will work together to further develop the concept, determine the full budget—which will enable Chariot to proceed with confidence to a final investment decision—and confirm the availability and timing of long lead items to meet the project’s accelerated schedule.