Riser Systems

One of the largest
portfolios of deepwater
riser systems in the world.

Riser Systems

Subsea7 provides deepwater and ultra-deepwater riser technology best suited to the field characteristics including extreme water depths, harsh environments, host constraints or hydrocarbon composition.

Our established riser portfolio consists of both coupled systems (for direct connection to the floating host facility) and hybrid decoupled systems with flexible jumper connections which are suitable for deepwater applications with large hang-off loads or strong dynamic motions.

Coupled risers

Advantages: Cost-efficient, simple mono-product, minimum components, wet storage ability. 
  • Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs) 
  • Weight-Distributed SCRs 
  • Steel Lazy-Wave Risers
  • Gimbal Joint Riser

De-coupled risers

Advantages: low hang-off load, pre-installation before FPSO arrival, maximise local content, fatigue and dynamic performance.
  • Single Hybrid Riser 
  • Hybrid Riser Tower 
  • Buoy-Supported Risers 

A leader in the delivery of Steel Catenary Risers

Subsea7 is an industry leader in the design, fabrication and installation of reliable and robust steel catenary riser systems. Our world firsts and technical successes include: 
  • First application of mechanically lined pipe (MLP) in dynamic risers for the SapinhoĆ”-Lula NE Project, Brazil. 
  • First application of Polymer Lined Steel Catenary Riser for the JSM4 project using our Swagelining technology, enabling to offer a corrosion resistant light weight riser. 
  • 24 CRA SCRs installed using the reel-lay installation method. 
  • Industry-leading in-house welding solution has enabled multiple SCRs installed with zero automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) rejects. 
  • In-house design expertise offering complete SCR design optimisation including strakes for vortex induced vibration (VIV) and buoyancy modules. 
  • Robust design for long term SCR wet storage requirements disconnecting FPSO schedule. 
  • Installation of first end SCR on reel-lay vessel without anchor to control the SCR touchdown point offering significant schedule optimisation.

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