Pipeline Bundles

A versatile
and cost-reducing alternative to
conventional pipelay-based subsea installations.

Pipeline Bundles

The Pipeline Bundle neatly incorporates all structures, valve work, pipelines and control systems necessary to operate a field in one single product, delivering considerable value and potential cost savings for a wide range of applications, including HPHT field developments.

A unique product based on a tried and tested concept of full onshore assembly and testing followed by cost-effective, low-fatigue towed transportation and installation, Pipeline Bundles have demonstrated their versatility and durability during 40 years of continuous development in over 80 challenging projects.

Subsea7’s prefabricated Pipeline Bundles are entering a new era of technological advancement to build on their remarkable history in offshore field development.

The capability of the field-proven concept is now greatly enhanced by a number of new technologies which open up significant areas of new opportunities for operators: 

  • Dynamic arrival temperature, an innovative thermal performance management system which can greatly extend production and field life 
  • Reusable Pipeline Bundles which unlock previously uneconomic small pools by significantly reducing both CAPEX and decommissioning cost
  • New capabilities in High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) performance, enabling operators to recover previously undeveloped reserves.

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