Flowline Systems

High performance
and cost-effective flowline systems
to enable optimal field architecture.

Flowline Systems

Having installed over 6,000km of rigid flowlines and risers on a global basis, and executing around 60,000 welds per annum, Subsea7 has established one of the strongest portfolio of pipeline systems in the industry to meet the challenges of cost constraints, thermal performance and corrosion resistance.

Key strategic development of new pipeline materials and welding processes is delivered through Subsea7’s Pipeline Group Production team with its unique research and development facilities near Glasgow, Scotland. This is supported by one of the industry’s most capable and versatile pipe-lay fleets and extensive state-of-the-art onshore fabrication capabilities. 

EHFT Technology

Subsea7’s Electrically Heat Traced Flowline (EHTF) technology delivers market leading standards of thermal efficiency based on a unique combination of ultrahigh-performance flowline insulation and low-voltage electric heating to mitigate flow assurance challenges.

A solution which offers significantly enhanced flow assurance properties. EHTF technology allows the carried fluid to be maintained above wax or hydrate appearance temperature along its journey from the wellhead to the host facility. This enables simplification of field architecture by removing the second leg of the production loop often required to enable pigging with dead oil for preservation. The system can operate either in a passive or active functionality. The heat-traced technology can be applied with all pipe metallurgies, at high temperatures and in permanent operation. It offers significantly lower power requirements and lower costs than DEH systems.

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