A diverse fleet
and strategically positioned
global assets.



Subsea7 has one of the most capable and diverse fleets of vessels in our market segment. Modern and versatile, our fleet includes chartered and high-specification owned vessels. By balancing operational flexibility while retaining full control of the capabilities, we differentiate our services from the rest of the market.

Our offshore operations are managed, crewed and operated by some of the most experienced onshore and offshore marine and construction personnel in the industry. With the flexibility to respond quickly and sensitively to customer demands, we can leverage the full strength of our global resources and know-how.

Onshore operations

Onshore, our global operations include an extensive infrastructure of pipeline spoolbases, fabrication and operations support yards. These strategically positioned assets, along with a network of local partners, are central to our objective of developing strong and sustainable local businesses.


Our fleet of remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) is one of the largest and most advanced in the world, ranging from compact observation-class units to purpose-built drill support vehicles and heavy-duty construction-class systems.