Subsea Integration Alliance Appoints Stuart Fitzgerald as CEO


Subsea Integration Alliance is pleased to announce that Stuart Fitzgerald, formerly the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Subsea Integration Alliance and Executive Vice President - Alliances and Strategy of Subsea 7, has been selected as the new Chief Executive Officer. Fitzgerald succeeds Henning Berg, who has accepted a new position within the Schlumberger Production Systems Division. Following Fitzgerald’s appointment, Steve Tate, Vice President - Sales and Integrated Field Development for OneSubsea, will take over as Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Sales for Subsea Integration Alliance.

Subsea Integration Alliance would like to thank Henning for the last two years of leadership that have significantly strengthened our market position, execution capabilities, and track record within integrated subsea developments. We look forward to building upon this development as we continue to create value for our clients, the industry, and both Subsea 7 and OneSubsea with Fitzgerald and Tate in their new Subsea Integration Alliance leadership roles.

These changes are effective immediately. To learn more about Stuart Fitzgerald and Steve Tate, please visit the About us page.