Subsea Integration Alliance Achieves ISO 9001 and 44001 Certifications


Subsea Integration Alliance is proud to announce the achievement of ISO 9001:2015 and 44001:2017 certifications, confirming the Alliance quality management system's effectiveness. This system manages quality and collaboration on integrated studies, tenders, and projects supported by our two parent companies' management systems to meet customer needs.

To become certified, Subsea Integration Alliance underwent a thorough review and audit of quality and collaborative business relationship management systems by an internationally recognised third-party registrar, Lloyd's Register. Successful completion of the audit made Subsea Integration Alliance the first organisation within our respective businesses (Schlumberger and Subsea 7) to be certified as compliant with ISO 44001:2017.

International standards for collaboration and quality
The process of obtaining the certifications began with internal needs assessments and high expectations voiced by customers. Subsea Integration Alliance, a nonincorporated strategic global alliance, needed a suitable management system to effectively and efficiently execute and deliver integrated projects. ISO 44001 was selected to set a high standard for the Alliance's collaboration activities and ISO 9001 to impose high-quality assurance standards to integrated projects.

Customer benefits: reduced risks and optimal project management
Subsea Integration Alliance consistently tenders, executes, and delivers service integrated projects with high customer engagement, effectiveness, and efficiency, focusing on sustainability. These two ISO standards benefit our customers by reducing their risks and optimising project management.

"We are extremely pleased that Subsea Integration Alliance has been awarded these ISO certifications, confirming the success of our quality and collaboration systems," said Stuart Fitzgerald, CEO, Subsea Integration Alliance. "We will maintain our focus on quality and use continuous improvement efforts to ensure we always meet or exceed our customers' expectations."

Steve Tate, Deputy CEO and Head of Sales and Marketing, Subsea Integration Alliance, added, "Our integrated systems and processes will continue to be the foundation for all work performed by Subsea Integration Alliance, whilst the success of this work will be a product of the collaboration, trust, and openness that our integrated teams and supporting parent organisations demonstrate every day."

Editor's Note:
According to, ISO 44001:2017 specifies requirements for effectively identifying, developing, and managing collaborative business relationships within or between organizations. It applies to private and public organizations of all sizes, from large multinational corporations and government organizations to non-profit organizations and small businesses.

ISO 44001 comprises management systems requirements for collaborative relationships between business entities. It ensures that business entities or alliances are well integrated, transparent, and add value through their combined offerings.

ISO 9001 comprises quality standards that organizations use to demonstrate their ability to consistently deliver products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.