Delivering Smarter
+ Faster Solutions

Working closely with our customers, Subsea Integration Alliance delivers optimal production from existing and new assets for the lowest capex.

Every solution is designed, manufactured, and installed by one team, with one point of contact. Customers are ensured a predictable timeline and the greatest cost certainty.


   Bringing Experience
+ Expertise

From day one of a subsea project, our teams work together in a shared location. Here, the operator’s insights are combined with extensive know-how that unites the areas of subsurface, production assurance, offshore construction, engineering, installation, inspection, repair and maintenance, and project management.

Every project features the latest best practice and services, including

 • architecture rationalization for optimal capital efficiency

 • robust system design and process alignment

 • interface engineering and design

 • assured equipment compatibility to reduce installation delays

 • installation expertise to ensure safe and efficient delivery

 • digital enablement for quick turnaround and real-time simulations

 • individually tailored contracts based on customer objectives.

Subsea Integration Alliance optimizes every component for a smooth, safe installation, from system design to integration and logistics, keeping projects on track regardless of the scale and technical complexity of the job.


Subsea Field

   Integrating Field Development
+ Planning

Subsea Integration Alliance integrates the production system with the ever-changing characteristics of the reservoir to ensure optimal asset recovery for the customer.

From pore to process, our field planning solution is modular, scalable, and integrated, while maintaining focus on lowest capital cost and maximizing asset value for our customers. The digital environment connects experts from every domain, combining subsurface and production assurance knowledge with established technology and capital-efficient equipment.


   Delivering Installation
+ Predictability and Budget Certainty

Our combined global resources deliver the logistics expertise and regional knowledge that projects demand with local teams in place at handover.

Whatever the location of your project, Subsea Integration Alliance has a worldwide network of operational bases and facilities on hand to make it happen.

Our capabilities include

 • project rationalization

 • construction planning and execution

 • combined scheduling and sequencing

 • supply chain management

 • interface management.


 Optimized production


   Optimizing Production
+ Enhancing Profit Potential

Throughout the entire lifecycle of a subsea field, Subsea Integration Alliance helps operators maintain readiness to optimize production and enhance the profit potential of their assets. We combine a global footprint; a pool of industry experts; and equipment tailored to meet installation, commissioning, and predictive maintenance requirements.

With early engagement, real-time operational monitoring, and technical support, we boost the productivity of subsea fields and make them more cost-effective.

During the production phase of field development we perform the following activities:

 • monitoring of the entire production system

 • operational readiness planning

 • scalable installation and commissioning services

 • mobilization and logistics

 • equipment management services

 • asset integrity management well intervention.


   Providing Technical Leadership
+ Project Execution Excellence

Subsea Integration Alliance is a worldwide nonincorporated partnership between Schlumberger OneSubsea and Subsea 7. Together we have a rich history of technical leadership and project execution excellence. We jointly design, develop, and deliver integrated and complete subsea development solutions across the energy lifecycle. Working as one team, we provide complementary technology and expertise to help customers extend field life and lower production costs, enabling greater certainty of recovery and return on investment.


Subsea Integration Alliance


   Building Track Record
+ Enabling Technology

Subsea Integration Alliance partners have an established track record of developing and commercializing technology. This combined expertise enables us to offer customers technology solutions for improved subsea efficiency and optimized costs.

Our enabling technologies include

 • all-electric system

 • active transport system

 • boosting pumps

 • deepwater, long-step-out solutions

 • direct electrical heating of flowlines

 • electrically heat-traced flowline

 • high pressure, high temperature

 • mechanically corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) lined pipe

 • modular production systems

 • Vx Omni* subsea multiphase flowmeters

 • pipeline bundles

 • polymer lining for pipelines

 • riser portfolio

 • standard reconfigurable products

 • towed processing systems

 • wet gas compression.


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